Welcome to the Song Corner

Kick back, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if that's your thing instead), put your headphones on, and let's enjoy some music! Here you can find access to Bloom Baptist's Spotify account, where you can listen to our full rotation of songs for Sunday mornings, listen to this upcoming Sunday's setlist, or listen to the music from Pastor Jules' blog posts. Got a song from Sunday stuck in your head? Looking for new music to praise God with during the week? Find it all right here in the Song Corner!

Bloom Baptist Church on Spotify

Below you can find a link to Bloom Baptist Church's Spotify account. We have four playlists in rotation.

Sunday Morning Songs: This playlist is comprised of all the songs that make up our Sunday morning repertoire. If we've sung it congregationally, you can find it here--from old favorites to new songs.

Sunday Setlist: Want to know what we're going to be singing this upcoming Sunday? Listen to them here! Prepare yourself for Sunday morning by worshiping during the week! Updated every Wednesday by 5 pm (excluding holidays and special services).

Pastor Jules' Song Corner: If Pastor Jules has covered a song in one of his blog posts, it'll be added to this playlist. These songs can also be found in the blog post section below.

Reflections of the Resurrection: A curated Resurrection Sunday playlist by Pastor Jules and author/Bloom Baptist member Rebecca Berry. Perfect to listen to while reading Rebecca Berry's book of the same name (available on Amazon)!