Various media content and resources from Bloom Baptist Church.

  • "Keep the Word of God, and the Word of God will keep you."

    - Charles Spurgeon

    Bloom Baptist's sermon archive. Want to hear what some of the messages are like? Want to relisten to an old or new favorite that God spoke to you through? Missed a Sunday (or two)? Listen to Bloom Baptist sermons right here!

  • "Title doesn't make someone a leader--and the absence of a title shouldn't keep someone from leading."

    - Mark Miller

    What is leadership? What is service? What do those look like at Bloom Baptist? In this series of instructional videos, taught by Pastor Mike, Pastor Bobby, Tyler Zweydorff, Rebecca Barry, and Steve Loper, we tackle those very questions.

  • "The fact that Psalms doesn't include a soundtrack or notation clues us in to what God values most in our worship songs."

    - Bob Kauflin

    The Song Corner is where you can find all sorts of resources! Within you'll find links to the church's Spotify playlists, where you can listen to all of the songs we have in our weekly rotations. Additionally, you can find Pastor Jules' Song Corner blog posts, where he unpacks and discusses a different song every other week.